With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 making its mark on theatres this past weekend (to the tune of almost $150-million), let’s take a look back at the series’ first instalment from 2014.

Chris Pratt became the Internet darling of all Internet darlings after taking on the role of Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord. Once primarily known as Andy from Parks and Recreation, Pratt completely changed his image (both physically and in the characters he plays) and is now one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

A star was born in 2014 when Groot was introduced to us in Guardians of the Galaxy. And what’s better than adult Groot? Obviously Baby Groot. The memes already started rolling in when fans caught a glimpse of the infant tree at the end of the first movie. You can expect more of the same, now that he’s featured throughout the entire second film.

But the Guardians movies have given us something even bigger and more important than either Chris Pratt or Groot. We’ve gotten two absolutely wicked soundtracks.


As soon as Blue Swede’s “Hooked on a Feeling” hits in that trailer, you know the music in Guardians of the Galaxy is going to be special.

So, to celebrate the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and the outrageously good soundtracks to both Guardians movies, let’s take a look at six other films that had you bobbing your head and tapping your feet. Here are six of the best movie soundtracks of all-time.

Into The Wild


Sean Penn, writer and director of Into The Wild, hand-picked Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder to produce the music for the film. Vedder captures the tone and atmosphere of the movie so accurately that it feels as though it could not have existed if not for his soundtrack. The single “Hard Sun” tells you basically everything you need to know. You’ll only have to listen to the song once before you start convincing yourself that you can climb a mountain. You can check out Into The Wild’s complete soundtrack on Spotify.

Pulp Fiction


Almost every Tarantino movie is accompanied by a well-crafted soundtrack. Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill and Django Unchained are all right up there amongst the best ever, but Pulp Fiction is in a league of its own. All you need to do is watch that trailer and listen to the music in just those couple of minutes. Whether it’s Dick Dale’s “Misirlou” or Kool & The Gang’s “Jungle Boogie,” every track in this movie is utter perfection. Listen to Pulp Fiction‘s full soundtrack on Spotify.

Dazed and Confused


How do you make a movie about teenagers in 1976 feel authentic in 1993? The answer is jam it full of classic songs from some of that period’s biggest music artists. Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Peter Frampton, Black Sabbath, ZZ Top and so many more rock and roll legends ring throughout this film. Dazed and Confused almost feels like a documentary. The music takes you in a time machine back to one of the most popularized times of North American culture. Check out a playlist of the entire Dazed and Confused soundtrack on Spotify.



There’s one song that comes to mind when you think of Trainspotting, and that’s Iggy Pop’s “Lust For Life.” This movie could have survived on that opening track alone, but it took those manic sounds and followed them with a soundtrack so odd and unexpected that it’s perfect for a movie like Trainspotting. Most of the songs featured in the film have since become synonymous with it. And that’s the true mark of a great movie soundtrack. You can listen to the entire Trainspotting soundtrack on Spotify.

Purple Rain


There really aren’t any words that can do this album justice. Is the movie itself really that good? No. But you don’t watch it for the story or the acting, you watch it for the music. And when it comes to the music, Purple Rain delivers like almost no other movie has or ever will. Check out this incredible soundtrack on Spotify.

The Bodyguard


This list wouldn’t be complete without Whitney Houston’s The Bodyguard soundtrack. It’s the best-selling movie soundtrack ever (with Prince’s Purple Rain coming in at number three and Saturday Night Fever in second). It also produced one of the greatest pop songs of all-time, albeit a remake of a Dolly Parton song, in “I Will Always Love You.” It’s truly tragic to look back at The Bodyguard and Purple Rain in all their glory, and remember we’ve since recently lost both Whitney Houston and Prince. The artists may be gone, but the music lives on forever. You can listen to The Bodyguard‘s soundtrack on Spotify. 


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