Thomas Rhett and Maren Morris Team Up for “Craving You” Video


When Thomas Rhett and Maren Morris decided to team up for a fantastic new single and video, they definitely went all out. Their new “Craving You” video has just been released, and it is already causing waves in the country music world.

The video starts out like a movie trailer with Rhett behind bars before launching into a crazy police takedown and car chase. Maren Morris is along for the ride as Rhett goes through a monolog while pulling off some dangerous bad guy tactics. Eventually, the two wind up together in an apartment where the song begins for the first time.

Throughout the video, Morris and Rhett stir up quite a bit of trouble. From robbing banks to beating up bad guys, these two definitely spend a lot of time committing crimes.

One thing is for certain, this video has an interesting take on the lyrics of the song. But, strangely, it does seem to work with the song. Regardless, the song is fantastic and one that we will have on repeat for a long time. You can check out the full video for yourself, below.

The video is a long one, lasting over five minutes. After the pair released the video, Maren Morris tweeted about it on Twitter.

“Most fun on a shoot I’ve had. Watch us kick some mobster ass in “Craving You.””

These two are definitely busy these days. Both Morris and Rhett have recently won a lot of awards and released a lot of great music. Rhett is also busy growing his family and is starting out on a Canada tour soon. Later this year, he will also be releasing a new album. Morris plans to release a new video of her own soon as well.

What do you think? Does the video fit with the song or is it a total miss?


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