Teenager Skips Prom to Watch Garth Brooks Concert


If you haven’t noticed already, it is currently prom season. But, while most teens are dressing up and heading out to enjoy prom with their friends, one teenager had something entirely different in mind. Instead of going to her high school prom, she headed out to a Garth Brooks concert.

Of course, she took a sign with her, hoping to catch Garth’s attention. It read, “Gonna be late to prom. Garth comes first.” Luckily, the girl got her wish of catching Garth’s eye, and he quickly brought her on stage.

When quizzed further about the dance, the girl admitted that she didn’t have a date for her prom that was taking place later that evening. Garth had the perfect solution for her, however. Since he was performing in his afternoon show and still had a second show to go, he suggested that she skip prom altogether!

Instead, he asked her to come back to the second show and help him out on stage. Naturally, the girl couldn’t wait to jump on the opportunity and accepted at once. During the evening show, she helped shoot out t-shirts to the fans.

Afterward, Garth met her backstage and took a photo with her, insisting the two pose as though they were going to prom. Regardless of the fact that the girl missed her high school prom, this will definitely be a night that she never forgets.

It’s possible that Garth was just as excited about the experience as she was. He later spent time talking about it on his Inside Studio G video series. He films this series every week and spent one session talking about the experience.

“Welcome to the day we celebrate prom,” he started off saying before launching into the fabulous prom story. “Thus began one of the greatest memories I will ever have playing music live in a concert.”

You can watch the full video, here.


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