Kygo’s New Singles are Just The Tip of The Iceberg


Kygo’s “It Ain’t Me” and “First Time” are good but his 2016 album is better.

You may be seeing Kygo popping up on songs with your guilty pleasure pop artists. The latest being “First Time” with Ellie Goulding and the radio favorite “It Ain’t Me” with Selena Gomez. People are falling for these singles, but they pale in comparison to his 2016 album “Cloud Nine.” If you stumbled upon (or were accosted by) the aforementioned songs and loved them, go find “Cloud Nine.”

The star-studded album features John Legend, Kodaline, and Parson James. Kygo takes the genius of these artists and improves what didn’t seem like it could get any better. These songs are the kind that you would imagine yourself listening to while driving down the California coast in your 67’ Jag with the windows down, high on salty air and adrenaline. Even if you have never been to the California coast, these songs will make you nostalgic for a memory you only imagined having.

The album is Ambient Surfer Rock meets electronic. They all have a similar background track that isn’t even pretending to sound like a real instrument, and though this seems bad, it’s more like an identifier. It is unique and when you hear it you automatically think of Kygo. A smart idea for someone who works mostly in collaborations and remixes.

Unfortunately, the artist does not seem to be aging like a fine wine. The earlier stuff is better, his best song being late 2015 single “Stay” featuring Maty Noyes. This could be a little bit of a sell out to get his name out there. We may never know. We can only hope he gets back to his sound when he reaches the level of fame he deserves.

The stand outs from the album are “Firestone,” “Stole the Show,” and “Raging.”

You can listen to the full album here.


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