Ude jab jab zulfen teri – Asha/Rafi – O P Nayyar – Vaijayantimala/Dilip | Naya Daur (1957)


This song is a memorable one for me because it was performed by my maternal aunt and Hema Malini (who is my aunt’s friend) together on several occasions. This happened much before I was born. The notable thing about one of these performances is that my Aunt’s mustache fell down and she pushed it away with her foot to continue with the performance. Mom brought us up telling us about it. When the time came and Mom made us perform Bhangra, I was definitely inspired by my aunt while performing the dance. I looked like a boy and no one would even think that I was a girl, actually. Didn’t I say I am a tomboy? 😉

Movie: This song appeared in 1957 social drama Naya Daur (New Era) produced and directed by B R Chopra under the banner of B R Films. The movie starred Dilip Kumar, Vaijayantimala, late Ajit, late Jeevan, Chand Usmani, Pratima Devi, Daisy Irani, etc.

Shankar (Dilip Kumar) is a tongawala (driver of horse carriage). A wood-cutter Krishna (Ajit) is his very good friend. One day, their neighbors, Rajni (Vaijayantimala), her little brother (Daisy Irani) and their mother Durga Mousi (Pratima Devi) return to their town. Shankar recognizes Durga Mousi and tells the family to stay with them until their home is repaired. Shankar and Rajni fall in love with each other. When Krishna sees Rajni, he also gets attracted to her.

The kind employer Seth Maganlal (Nazir Hussain) leaves on a pilgrimage and his son Kundan (Jeevan) arrives from the city. Kundan becomes greedy after seeing a lot of wealth in the forest left untapped. He wants to gain the wealth fast. He begins the industrialization of the village from the forest. The first machine that he brings is for cutting wood. Blissfully ignorant of Kundan’s nefarious plans, the entire town celebrates the advent of the machine in the forest. It is at this time that Shankar and Rajni sing this song.

Song: The music of this song was scored by O P Nayyar and the lyrics were penned by Sahir Ludhyanvi.

The girl says, “When your hair is ruffled by the wind, unmarried girls get flutters in their hearts.” The man says, “When such beautiful faces are present, how can we control ourselves from falling for them?”

Video: Cinematography is by M Malhotra. Dance choreography is by Manohar Deepak.

The video opens with some girls clapping their hands. Only hands are shown. The next shot is of men’s hands clapping. Vaijayantimala comes to the dance area, jumping and clapping her hands. Dilip Kumar also comes there, jumping and clapping his hands. The clapping pushes the song further. Vaijayantimala begins the song. Dilip Kumar replies to her in the song.

Vaijayantimala does most of the dancing. She proves that she is a fantastic dancer. Her movements have a Bharatanatyam essence in them. Dilip Kumar picks up a metal water pot and throws it in the air to catch it back again. Some girls sitting on a parapet wall shake their feet so that their light anklets click. Soon, the song ends and so does the video.

Artists: The playback of this song was sung by Mohammad Rafi and Asha Bhonsle and the onscreen performances are by Dilip Kumar, Vaijayantimala and others.

Cultural Influence: This is a typical O P Nayyarian Bhangra song. The typically filmi song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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