Buckingham and McVie’s Second Single from Upcoming Duo-Album


Remember when I said that I hope the two Fleetwood Mac musicians’ upcoming album ends up being better than the first single they released from it? Well, I think that my hopes have been let down yet again.

Recently the song “Feel About You” – which you can listen to above – has surfaced, and in all honesty my initial thought was “huh, better than the last one!” Although, that was only maybe 10 seconds into the track. Thus being said, I should have held my tongue.

Let me lay it out for you – the chorus, not bad. Probably the only aspect of the song that deems it superior to its precedented single. The rest of the song is bouncy, happy-go-lucky, and terribly unimpressive compared to the musicians’ previous work together in Fleetwood Mac. That’s really all I have to say about it – the song gave me nothing else to form any kind of opinion over. If you have never listened to Fleetwood Mac’s music in the past, or been a fan of their previous style, maybe you’ll enjoy it. It’s not a terrible song, it’s just simple. Simple isn’t bad, but it’s certainly not what you would expect from such a power-duo who have stemmed from an extraordinarily creative band notorious for producing nothing less than art. 

In my most honest opinion, I do believe this album is more of a way for the two legendary rock musicians to experience a long overdue creative release that has been building up since the start of their careers together rather than something musically groundbreaking or geared towards pleasing long time fans. This is a project for a paycheck, and for personal satisfaction. I don’t say that negatively, however – you’ve got bills to pay and art to create, and who are we to tell you how to go about that. It’s just disappointing is all. Nothing more, nothing less.

I have recently come across an opinion whilst reading other articles regarding this newly released single that compared the newer “pop” sounds to the entire band’s 1987 album “Tango In The Night” – which was also the last time Lindsey and Christie shared studio space and got creative together – and that got me fuming! Yes, their opinion is undeniably valid, as are everyone else’s. My opinion, however, is far from being similar.

Let’s evaluate this comparison, just so you can grasp where I’m coming from and see through my lenses for a moment – merely the song “Tango In The Night” consisted of more pure authenticity, creativity and brilliant musicality than the two recently released songs combined. The song is powerful, captivating, and has much more life than the little we’ve already experienced from the upcoming project between Buckingham and McVie.

You can listen to Fleetwood Mac’s song “Tango In The Night” below and form your own opinionated comparison between the 1987 hit and the newly released single “Feel About You”, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section!


Lindsey Buckingham and Christie McVie’s duo-album will be officially relased on June 9, and so far they haven’t given us much to look forward to.

Keep your fingers crossed Fleetwood Fans!


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