Sir Elton John Forced to Cancel U.S. Tour Dates Due To Deadly Illness


The 70-year-old rock legend, father of two sons and loving husband to Canadian filmmaker David Furnish was flying back to his U.K. home from his most recent South American Tour performance in Chile when he was suddenly in desperate need of medical attention – Sir Elton John had contracted a dangerous bacterial infection most refer to as a “killer bug” and was forced to be hospitalized immediately. This bug forced the artist to endure two nights within the intensive care unit and 12 whole days in the hospital. Sir Elton was discharged last Saturday (the 22nd), however was strongly urged to rest up in order to ensure a full recovery, which is very likely according to various sources.

He is following the advice which has been issued by his doctors and concerned family, friends, and fans and taking it easy. Though for his health’s sake, he has unfortunately been left with no choice than to cancel the dates for the month of May in which he was planning to perform during the U.S. portion of his “The Million Dollar Piano” tour, such as the entire scheduled performance which was to take place at Las Vegas’ Colosseum located within the prominently extravagant Caesar’s Palace.

Fans who had planned on attending these shows have no need to fret, however, for their tickets will be fully refunded and Sir Elton has issued a sincere apology for the unfortunate circumstances. The artist is equally as disappointed in his inability to carry out with his scheduled tour dates as his fans who had planned on attending. It’s a shame, though necessary if we want more of Sir Elton John’s brilliant performances for years to come – he must be given adequate time to recuperate in order for him to carry on.

The legendary singer, pianist, and composer is certainly not ready to simply be “remembered”, for he plans to continue to grow as a musician and deliver excellent performances and brilliant music. For this, we are not only terribly excited, but truly grateful. Sir Elton John is a real inspiration in so many ways to so many people. The message he seems to give off through this entire situation – Life gets bumpy, but it doesn’t mean you should stop living it!

The artist is expected to return to his scheduled performances starting June 3 with his Twickenham show, and shall continue on from there.

We all send our best wishes and most positive energy his way and hope for a full recovery with no complications. Thankfully, it seems that he will accomplish just that.


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