It seems like just yesterday I was telling you all about the legends that were finally inducted this year into the Rock Hall of Fame, along with the night’s unforgettable moments. Well now, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has just announced the date and location for next year’s 33rd induction ceremony, along with some exciting teasers about what will make this one stand out among the rest.

The ceremony has established a pattern of returning to Cleveland, Ohio, about every three years, and 2018 will be no different – next year, the 33rd Annual Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony will be held on April 14 at the city’s public hall! In addition to the exciting announcement, it has also been promised via a press release that 2018’s ceremony will consist of a “series of events” surrounding the induction, such as “Rock n’ Roll themed events and activities” scattered throughout the city and the Rock Hall. It has also been said that attendees can expect free admission to the Hall and a dedication for the 2018 exhibit, which is extraordinarily exciting to say the very least!

As if all of the information were just enlightened with wasn’t enough to intoxicate us with anticipation, there are some wicked Rock bands eligible for induction next year.

These bands include trend-setting musical royalty such as Radiohead, No Doubt, Tool, and Sublime. There are plenty more artists who are eligible – such as 4 Non Blondes and even Billy Ray Cyrus – but I feel those four deserve the honor of induction far more than most, primarily (though not exclusively) based on the fact that I love those four bands immensely and would probably die knowing they could have been inducted but weren’t. Let’s be real though – Radiohead, No Doubt, Tool, Sublime….how on Earth could they avoid being inducted? That’s beyond me, but I guess we’re just going to have to wait a year and see!


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