How To Be A Latin Lover- Eugenio Derbez


Image result for how to be a latin lover“How to be a Latin Lover” officially opens Friday April 28, 2017 and has already earned 450K on the Saturday premier! Staring in this film is none other than comedian, actor, writer, director and producer Eugenio Derbez! Most of you might recognize him from the 2013 “No Instructions Included”  but the Latin community will recognize him for his reoccurring roles in “La Familia P. Luche”  were he plays the father of 3. Bibi, the smarts of the family but everyone calls her “un-normal one”.  Ludoviquito the trouble maker and Junior the adopted child who is actually a cop that lost his memory because of their family. And who could forget the maid, who besides watching her favorite soap operas all day, does none of her responsibilities.

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How to be a Latin Lover seems to be a promising comedy. The story begins when Maximo believed to be happily married (financially stable). Things are certainly not what they seem, when he later finds out that his wife  was cheating on him. Soon after the discovery the divorce papers are filed and processed and he is left with nothing. Maximo is forced to look towards Sara, his sister which he had not spoken to in years, for help. Maximo has never worked a day in his life, the only thing he ever made a living out of was seducing wealthy woman.  It has been 25 years but it seems like he has too put himself back out there. Let’s just say he doesn’t have the looks nor charms he used to. Make sure to watch this movie and enjoy the hilarious journey Maximo takes. In the middle of all the laughter we find out that there is also a lesson that he learns and that is the value family.


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