Rise Against Releases “The Violence” From Upcoming Album “Wolves”


Rise Against has announced that they’ll be releasing another punk-rock paradise for all of us head banging misfits to escape to! On June 9, 2017, the album is set to be released. Along with this exciting announcement, they’ve decided to release a track from the album titled “The Violence” (video included above). If you’ve always been a fan of this bands music, then you’ll be thrilled to know that they haven’t strayed very far from their original sound in the least bit – 18 years of pure punk perfection, just the way we like it!

RISE AGAINST performs in Las Vegas, Nevada

In 1999 one of our favorite punk bands was born in none other than the artsy Chicago, IL. They have honored us with absolutely killer rock anthems such as “Savior” and of course the ever so popular “Prayer Of A Refugee,” and we’re eternally grateful to say the least! Rise Against has yet to disappoint us fans who are fueled by angsty lyrics and head-banging-worthy guitar riffs – and if the rest of their upcoming album “Wolves” is as good as the track they just released from it, well then we’re all in for some nostalgic punk rock glory-day flash backs! I don’t know about you, but that makes me want to pop in my lip ring, put on one of my uncle’s old flannels and start counting down the days on my calendar!

In addition to the announcement of a new album and the release of a track from this album for fans to preview excitedly, the band has also shared with the public that they will be heading out to tour with Deftones and Thrice later this summer.

Rise Against sure knows how to dish out the news – all at once – overwhelming us all with flooded levels of “totally stoked” that we don’t even know what to do with! So, turn up some music, start rockin’ out that extra excitement and try to wait patiently for the rest of this album to make its way to our ears! I’ll be doing it right along side you!


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