Black Veil Brides have been working on their fifth album for much longer than most are used to, and just the other day the band’s guitarist revealed in an Instagram post that the band was officially finished with this highly anticipated album!

In a day and age where electronically inspired sounds and bouncy computerized vocals triumph, it is so refreshing to know that there are still those bands who maintain an unwavering sense of truly authentic and classic musicality that gives us everything that we still crave from a good song.

“There’s an unspoken language in the band, particularly when the three of us are writing these songs, there’s a great chemistry. Everyone in the band feels the same way.”

-Lead singer Andy Biersack on recording/writing with fellow band mates

In 2006, a band of misfit musicians from Cincinnati, Ohio, came together and created this generation’s biggest glam-metal band! They’ve time and time again released hard rock hits for today’s rockers to jump up and down and head bang to–and for that we genuinely thank them! Always dishing out dark and relatable lyrics for those who just can’t seem to kick that lingering raincloud, BVB have provided a musical escape for the misunderstood and has greatly contributed to the continuous immortalization of hard rock. Today we are surrounded by sprouting artists who tend to lean more towards the folk/indie singer/songwriter motif – which is necessary, because they often produce astoundingly genuine lyrics and a sound unlike most others – though, it is both exciting and relieving for hard rock fans all over to know that there are still artists who are refusing to let the popular heaviness of metal music and metal-inspired genres to burn out or even be silenced to something more of a dull roar.

Back in December of 2016, BVB released a song from their recently completed album titled “The Outsider” (video included at the start of the article) and it was very well done. They had sort of a Breaking Benjamin vibe (which I liked) and brilliantly orchestrated transitions between dynamics and sections of the song. Consistently dark, heavy, and totally Rock N’ Roll – “The Outsider” gives us much to be excited about!

Currently there are no legitimate facts as to when exactly the album is set to be released, though it is rumored to come out around the fall – so, make sure you “stay tuned”, because I’ll let you know as soon as I do!


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