It has been confirmed that the original members of the Alice Cooper band–Neal Smith, Dennis Dunaway, Michael Bruce and Alice Cooper himself–are teaming up for one night only and making all of our dreams a reality with a reunion!

On May 14, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee, the original band members will be playing a very small set at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center. Though small in size, the performance will surely go down in history as one of our favorite Rock n’ Roll reunions–because, come on, it’s Alice Cooper.

“With so many musician, songwriter and producer friends here, as well as great rock fans that come to our concerts, it’s special to be performing with Neal, Michael and Dennis in Nashville for them.”

Alice Cooper on reuniting with original band mates


Alice Cooper and his fellow original band members have paved the way for so many musicians and artists to feel comfortable expressing their art in whichever way they feel best (or even most dramatically) portrays their messages; the band has created a brand all their own in the world of Rock because of this.

Originating in Phoenix, AZ in the year 1964, the eccentric rock band has always had a stage presence that felt more like a theatrical experience than merely a concert, and that has continuously separated them from others in the industry–I mean, who else would literally throw a live chicken into the audience in the middle of a show? That being said, this band has history, and we can’t wait to see that history come alive in Tennessee later this summer–minus the chickens of course.


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