Roger Waters Releasing First Solo Album in 24 Years!


All over the web there are tons of video teasers about this upcoming album that will drive you absolutely mad! Rock legend Roger Waters will be releasing his first solo album since 1992’s “Amused to Death,” and we couldn’t be any more excited!

Waters’ upcoming album, titled “Is This the Life We Really Want?” was produced by Nigel Godrich–well known for working with Radiohead, Beck, and even U2– will be officially released on June 2 via Colombia Records. The Pink Floyd co-founder has shared with the press that this new record “reflects an age of uncertainty and unrest,” which is just the kind of subject matter we would expect from the notoriously politically (and socially) outspoken artist.

Speaking of his consistent tendency towards artistically political commentary, Waters also shared in an interview with Rolling Stone that the subject matter portrayed throughout the album actually stems from a very hopeful and honest poem he had written prior to the 2008 presidential election.

In addition to the extremely overwhelming news about this exciting album release, next month Waters plans to embark on his lengthy American tour “Us+Them”. Throughout this tour the musician plans to include songs performed both as a solo artist and those which were formulated by and performed with the band Pink Floyd. That being said, I think it’s safe to assume that this tour will be just as legendary as the Floyd legend himself!

Pre-orders for the album will begin Friday, April 21. Whether you decide to order this album right away or when it’s officially released later on in the summer, just make sure you give it a listen! Roger Waters is brilliant in every sense of the word–you’ll feel a freedom in listening to any of his music–and I can only assume that his upcoming album will be no different in brilliance and artistic genuinity.

The Official Tracklist for Roger Waters’ “Is This the Life We Really Want?” is below:

1. “When We Were Young”
2. “Déjà Vu”
3. “The Last Refugee”
4. “Picture That”
5. “Broken Bones”
6. “Is This the Life We Really Want?”
7. “Bird in a Gale”
8. “The Most Beautiful Girl”
9. “Smell the Roses”
10. “Wait for Her”
11. “Oceans Apart”
12. “Part of Me Died”



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