5 Seconds of Summer To Release Third Album

Photo by 관동별곡, 2015, via Wikimedia Commons

My niece – who I adore – is absolutely in love with these Australian heart throbs, so I’m just as excited as all of the fan-girls around the world to hear about the news that 5 Seconds of Summer will be releasing a new album so soon after announcing their much deserved break back in October. And after touring for 10 months straight, it would have been surprising if they didn’t want to relax for a second.

Recently the band’s social media has consisted of teasers regarding the release of a third album that has been driving fans mad with anticipation. From pictures to posts, the band has said everything while saying nothing at the same time – they have confirmed that they will be releasing a third album, but have not released any more information regarding the album.

They have, however, stated that they will be including more electronic effects into the album’s songs, unlike most of their previous Rock n’ Roll vibes. Whereas they aren’t known primarily for electronic sounds and funky approaches, they’ve prepared us for this transition by presenting us with songs inspired by legends like Pink Floyd and Queen–especially their song “Girls Talk Boys,” that was included in the soundtrack of most recent rendition of the classic “Ghostbusters”.

The band is moving forward with their careers by establishing a sound all their own, slowly but surely. 5 Seconds of Summer is redefining “boy band” in our generation and bringing something brand new to the table, while consistently including all that we have long adored about both Rock n’ Roll and boy bands! We look forward to seeing which path this adorable bunch decides to take with their third album.

Keep up with these dudes on social media to witness all of the teasers they have been dishing out!


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