Pierce The Veil Covers Green Day’s “Coming Clean”

By Goroth GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html), via Wikimedia Commons

Recently, Pierce The Veil covered Green Day’s all-too-relatable, “Coming Clean,” and it is equally as relatable, but from a whole different perspective that brings a refreshing newness to the beloved Green Day classic.

Pierce The Veil decided to bring us back to the days of teased hair, stud belts and “rawr” by incorporating that obsessed-over sound that all scene kids felt spoke to them so deeply the way no one else could’ve back in the early 2000’s. If you’ve ever heard any music from the band Secondhand Serenade or even select songs from NeverShoutNever, then the musical similarities between the sound portrayed by these bands and Pierce the Veil’s newest cover will be noticeable right from the get-go, and will probably have you jumping for glee and drawing X’s on the back of your hands for old time’s sake.

Consisting of a slower, more laid back feel, Pierce The Veil took the lyrics and gave them a new voice. What angers some brings sorrow to others, and where Green Day’s original version of the song had more of a fast paced, “F- the world” take on the subject, Pierce The Veil had more of a submissive, even disappointed approach to the situation portrayed throughout “Coming Clean.” They accept the reality of the situation while also accepting the feelings they experience along with it.

Discovering who you are and knowing that you will not be fully accepted or understood for being the way that you are–it’s both confusing and frustrating, and something everyone can relate to in one sense or another. It’s incredible how a simple change in tone or the general sound of a song can alter the entire perspective or feeling being portrayed by those who perform it.

Listen to Pierce The Veil’s surprisingly soothing cover via Spotify HERE and prepare to be thrown back into the early 2000’s.


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  1. I have to admit that the picture which was released under my username at commons was actually shot by my best friend. I asked her if I am allowed to upload it.

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