Paramore Goes “Retro-Roller-Rink” in “Hard Times” Music Video


Yeah, Paramore is back at it again, and they’re totally retro! From the crazy 1980’s colors and themes in their music video, to the funky tone the band has decided to incorporate in to their sound, Paramore’s new single “Hard Times” is just what you would expect from this band of wacky (in the best sense of the word) musicians!

The song issues lyrics that are relatable. Period. For me personally, the song starts out singing “All that I want is to wake up fine, tell me that I’m alright, that I ain’t gonna die..” and that is what I find the most real, being that I deal with massive anxiety attacks. The singer Hayley Williams’ choice of words and phrasing throughout the song, however, is where the real magic happens. No matter what you’re going through, whether it be anxiety or depression, or even things like school, home life, relationships, etc. you’ll find yourself truly hearing what she has to say, and feeling like she grabbed those lyrics right from your heart!

Paramore absolutely kills this song with their up-beat approach to such a universally significant subject: everyone goes through hard times! The song’s funky sounds and bounciness, paired with that bubbly-ness with raw and painfully relatable lyrics will have you telling Hayley to “preach it” throughout the entire song – I know I was! It just feels good to hear someone say what you can’t really seem to put to words, and say it in such a way that makes you feel empowered to keep going! Williams bounces around and dances throughout the music video as if she has not a care in the world, all the while singing about “walking around with her little rain cloud.”

Paramore has always been able to make us jump around and sing along. They have empowered us, and walked right next to us as we battled our everyday struggles as “misunderstood teens and tweens.”

It’s unfortunate that now a band that has done so much good is receiving so much hate because rather than remaining stagnant, they’ve continued to grow and discover more about their sound and how they want to accomplish it. Fans are highly disappointed and even angry at the band for not dishing out the same music they made back in the early 2000’s.

Paramore has done a very impressive job at including something a little different in each new album they produce, and though fans may seem continuously angry at the band’s growth as musicians, Paramore continues to show that they don’t make music to please the crowds, but to produce good quality and highly relatable music – and they have done just that.

The band has always done a brilliant job in taking common situations and turning them into something totally Rock n’ Roll, delivering intense and fun music videos while maintaining a consistently different sound–and we love them for it! It has been announced that this colorful single will be included in their upcoming album–the first they have blessed us with in four long years–“After Laughter” to be officially released on May 12 of this year!

Listen to their single “Hard Times” at the beginning of the article and consider it a “try not to relate” challenge. You’ll fail, but you will have fun doing it. Guaranteed.


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