MisterWives New Singles Leave Much to be Desired


MisterWives is the kind of pop the inventor of pop hoped pop would be. These songs are true anthems for everyone who has ever felt different and decided they like to be that way.  They are empowering and strong in lyrics, vocals, and there is even some bad ass saxophone. Front-woman Mandy Lee is a bad ass that everyone wants to be. This band is young and impressive and when you talk about them, you use the phrase bad ass so often you start to question its meaning.

The band’s debut album, “Our Own House,” and single of the same name are bad ass, even their cover art is a bad ass illustration of all the band member’s spirit animals in a tree house.  Check it out here if you haven’t already.

Now that you’re acquainted…

Their next album, “Connect the Dots,” will be out on May 19th; the singles, “Oh, Love” and “Machine,” are awesome. There is just no other word.

“Oh, Love” is one of the best songs of the year thus far. It sounds like it should be in one of those cool, inspirational commercials for running shoes that you show your friends because after you saw it you bought two pairs. It is powerful.

The band released a music video for “Machine” which is reminiscent of what I saw of the “Mad Max, Fury Road” trailers, so Oscar worthy? It was pretty good; there were rainbow explosions, red flags, and crazy hairstyles.

Both singles are considerably more rock-and-roll than “Our Own House,” but they still have that pop anthem sound that MisterWives followers have come to love. It leaves much to be desired. May 19th can’t come soon enough.

Check out MisterWives on tour, pre-order “Connect the Dots,” and listen to their singles.


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