Eric Church Plays Epic Show in Chicago

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Eric Church fans got quite the treat last week when the country music star showed up for his Chicago show. For starters, the show brought 13,000 fans to the arena. But, on top of that, Church played so long that midnight came and went without anybody noticing.

Partway through the concert, Eric Church warned his fans that they were going to get something special.

“It’s just us and you,” he said. “All night long. Because of my history in this city and where we came from, you’re gonna get a little something extra. My apologies to everyone else. We’re gonna sing, we’re gonna play, we’re gonna be here as long as you wanna be here. If you guys meet me halfway tonight, I promise this: they will be talking about this show for a long time. Deal?”

Apparently, his fans were happy to oblige because no one left. Instead, they stayed around to listen to 37 songs and tons of stories from the country music star. He also took the time to make sure all of his fans got their money’s worth by performing songs on just about every inch of the stage. He never let the energy die down long enough for anyone to lose their excitement.

Church sang songs from his newest album, “Mr. Misunderstood,” like “Record Year” and “Mistress Named Music,” but he also pulled some of his older songs out of the vault, like “Sinners Like Me” and “Carolina.” Only two of the songs Church performed were not his own.

Eric Church is currently on an ambitious tour schedule. For his current tour, he is taking on the entire performance by himself, without any opening act before him. That means he plays for a whopping three hours every time he hits the stage.

Church keeps things interesting by changing up his set list every night. So, if you see him in Chicago, you will get an entirely different experience than when you saw him in Dallas. One thing is for sure, Church has a knack for giving his fans what they want.

This is a tour we all will be talking about for years to come.


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