The Gorillaz Take On North America for the First Time in 7 Years


The Gorillaz announced on April 17 that they’ill be setting off on a tour of North America this summer, kicking it off in Chicago, IL in July with cities such as San Francisco, Detroit, Seattle, Los Angeles, and even Boston and Philadelphia to follow (full itinerary at the bottom of this page). From July to October the band will be touring throughout both the U.S. and Canada following the release of their newest album “Humanz” on April 28, with tickets to see them live going on sale for the general public just one week prior to its release.

In March of this year the band announced that they would be hosting their own “Demon Dayz” festival at the Kent theme park “Dreamland” in Margate on June 10th. There’s also been an announcement regarding plans for that same festival in Chicago, though there are currently no further details regarding whether or not this will actually happen. So, if you’re in the Chicago area, keep your fingers crossed!

Listen to the Gorillaz’ song “Saturn Bars (Spirit House)” from their new album “Humanz” above for a sneak peak into the world of awesome that’s about the hit the states come the end of the month.

Gorillaz 2017 Tour Dates:

July 8 – Chicago, IL

July 10- Toronto, ON

July 12 – Boston, MA

July 13 – Philadelphia, PA

July 15 – Quebec City, QC

July 17 – Washington, DC

August 11, 12, 13 – San Francisco, CA

September 15, 16, 17 – New York, NY

September 18 – Detroit, MI

September 20 – Minneapolis, MN

September 22 – Kansas City, MO

September 24 – Las Vegas, NV

September 26 – Denver, CO

September 30 – Seattle, WA

October 5 – Los Angeles, CA

October 11 – Atlanta, GA

October 13, 14, 15 – Miami, FL


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