Star Wars Strikes Back at 2017 Indiana Comic Con

The Force has awakened

Day 2, Saturday April 15th, of the 2017 Indiana Comic Con certainly lived up to billing as a spectacle worth checking out. The events officially started at 9 am today. There was a Best Beard contest I had hoped to enter but that started at 11 am. Being that I didn’t get into the hall until noon, I missed that one. The other contestants are probably lucky I didn’t make it on time.

Wario making a rare appearance

The main thing that really stood out to me today upon arrival was the sheer number of people in the convention center. It was easily 3x as many people as the one’s that showed up on Friday. The energy was exciting. Cosplayers were claiming dominion on this territory. Everywhere you looked, there was one amazing cosplay costume after another. These people were easily some of the nicest people around. They’d got stopped repeatedly to pose for pictures and they were all very gracious. The Con certainly brings out the best in people.

Classical Princess Leia…

What was the most popular cosplay group you might ask? Avengers certainly was a popular choice. Suicide Squad almost reigned supreme if not because of the sheer amount of Harley Quinns that showed up. However, after being conspicuously missing on Day 1, another major fanbase decided to make their mark today. The Star Wars contigent was easily the most dominant cosplay group today as it emphatically imposed its will as a “force” that literally awakened. Lightsabers flashed everywhere. The possibly soon to be Jedi, Rey, took over Deapool and Harley as the most cosplayed costume. Easily. There were probably 20 or more Rey’s that decided to show up today.

One of a hundred Reys!

Finding myself caught up in the frenzy of taking pictures of all the cool cosplayers out in the main lobby, I again had to remind myself of the limited time the main exhibit hall was going to be open. As I scrambled to get in there, I thought…what is the main draw of the comic con? A chance to see all the crazy costumes or a chance to see creative professionals showcasing their work? The answer is easy.. The creative professionals are who we are here to see. Sometimes though, it felt like their time was being taken away by the show out in the lobby.

“It’s over 9000!!!”

Before I headed for the exhibit hall, I of course had to try to sign up for one of the three Nerdy Speed Dating sessions. Yet again, I was thwarted as the male slots were filled. Curses! Oh well, there is always tomorrow. Once I got into the main exhibit hall, the craziness amplified. The rows were more crowded than ever. If you wanted to see a particular artist’s work, odds are there was a group of people surrounding that table who’s shoulder you had to look over to get a good look. The lines to do photos with celebrities such as Val Kilmer or Charlie Cox were almost unfathomably long. Just looking at those lines, it seemed entirely possible that you could spend all of the main exhibit hall’s open hours waiting in them. No thanks.

I had no clue who he was…but he looked cool

I was more interested in purchasing original creative work. My main goal was to get comic books created by independent artists. Being on a budget, this was difficult since everything looked so interesting! The artwork was so incredible yet getting a piece done just for you was pretty pricey. My rationale was that getting a comic book would at least get me a story that I could read along with some cool art. I was able to get about 5 different books at fairly decent prices. This pleased me since I got some souvenirs and had the warm feeling of supporting new artists.

Artist Will Jones doing some sketching

The cosplayers were also very prominent in the main exhibit hall. The main hall was literally a visual feast as you had art, merchandise, and the best cosplayers around making your head spin. It started to get really overwhelming. A break was needed. This was granted in the form of the ICC Cosplay Contest in another hall. A chance to sit for an hour, relax, and watch the best costumes duke it out for the top prizes. Sitting down helped with regaining energy before the final hour of the main exhibit hall. After that was done around 6 pm, me and my buddy decided to sit down some more in the Charlie Cox Q&A. I didn’t realize that Daredevil was British. You learn something new everyday.

Daredevil taking questions instead of asking them

At 8 pm, dinner became a priority and with some time to kill before the 11 pm ICC sci-fi short film screening, I got some food. The day started in such a rush, so it was nice to end it on a relaxing note. We got a chance to view 6 short sci-fi films at the film screening before voting on our favorite. Overall, it was a tiring day but an extremely enjoyable and memorable one. Today was a lot of fun. Lots of family’s got out there today so that was good to see. The Comic Con has one more day left before it’s done in Indiana.

Harley Quinn and Catwoman strike a pose

Harley Quinn Count: 15?

Deadpool: Surprisingly only 10 or so

Rey: Too many ….way too many

“I’m Batman”



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