Indiana Comic Con’s Cosplay Contest 2017!

The winners of the Indiana Comic Con Cosplay Contest

At Day 2 of the  three day 2017 Indiana Comic Con event, cosplayers were out in full force. This was their time to shine as the Indiana Comic Con Cosplay Contest was set to be held today. The contest was divided into different categories so that each diverse group of costumes could be fully appreciated. They were TV/movie, comics, video games, anime, star wars, kids, and finally group costumes.

The chance to be recognized as a serious cosplayer was definitely a motivation for the contenders. Perhaps the bigger incentive was the cash prizes. 2nd place kids had a chance to win $75 with $100 going to first place. If you got first place in any of the other individual categories, then you got a cool $150. The best group would be awarded $300. Best in show, that being the best overall costume, took home $500.

Here are the winners for each respective group!

Kids: Lego Batman along with Lego Robin took this one home. They were too adorable.


Lego Batman and Robin dominating the kids group

TV/Movies: The most physically imposing costume at nearly 8 feet, Count Chocula won this one.


Count Chocula-“I vant to eat you cereal”

Star Wars: You know your big when you have your own category! Chewbacca claims the contest in this group.

Chewie representing the Star Wars contingent

Video Games: For such an interesting genre, the costumes here were not as well known as I thought they’d be. Nonetheless Big Sister takes the top spot (not pictured individually).

Anime: This unique category was won by Princess Euphemia.(not pictured individually).

Comics: The main group of this event was won by Iron Man himself. Ok, not really himself but still. Close enough.

Iron Man reveals himself

Group: This one featured multiple people representing a team or group of characters. Batman has the best villains and the Batman villains won this one.

Villainy that only Batman can stop!

Best in Show: The top prize of the overall contest. This crown was given to World of Warcraft Adrenai.

The crème of the cosplay crop… World of Warcraft Adrenai

Sunday features a less judgmental cosplay exhibition as the Cosplay Parade will take place. This is a chance to showcase your cosplay without the tough scrutiny of competition and a nice way to close out this year’s Con.


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