Day 2 of the Comic Con was a frenzy for all the artists in the exhibition hall. Most of them, despite dealing with a huge number of different visitors were really nice. One of the nicest artists I met on Day 1 was Lauren Sparks. I had wanted to get some of her work today and she remembered me. As per the last time, we conversed, she was really sweet! Naturally, she had to be LemonWire’s Featured Artist of the Day.

Lauren’s artistic alias is the Winged Elf Girl. She specializes in Ink and Watercolor Illustrations. The Winged Elf Girl has created a variety of mini comics such as Man on the Moon, Encounters of the Radical Righteous Band Hippie, Swinging Along, and Collecting Faces. Her art is also featured in a collaboration with another writer on the comic book Linus and the Fluke of Love.

Lauren hard at work but still smiling!

Here she takes the time to chat with us for a bit:

What comics did you read growing up? In high school, comic strips in the newspaper. Jumpstart and Mutts. More slice of life comics. Also in high school I got into Manga. I really liked the artist group Clamp.

Lauren’s various mini comics

What’s your art schedule? Outside of shows, I’m working on mini comic about goofy things that happen in summer school class . Hoping to finish that this fall. I have a full time job as a graphic designer and do illustrations on the side. The comic book is part of my illustration duties.

How did you did get into this type of art? I always loved using drawing to tell a story. Never got into superhero comics but I liked the newspaper and animated cartoons.

A beautiful page from Linus and the Fluke of Love comic

How do you deal with artistic block? I do something completely different like gardening. I also do sewing!

Are there any special tools you use? Just the basic watercolor. My secret weapon is bombay ink.

Book showcasing more of Lauren’s art

Where do you get your ideas? I get them from everything around me. Slice of life and fantasy and I sort of combine them.

How do you deal with rejection as an artist? It used to get to me, but not so much anymore. 99% of the time its not personal. There are artists that can’t do what you can so there is something (opportunity wise) for everyone as long as you keep at it.

How long have you been doing art? I’ve been told since I was 2 years old. My specific art that I specialize in now I started in early college.

Ink and Watercolor Illustration

What’s the coolest costume you’ve seen at the con? I saw a dude dressed as Harley Quinn with high heels who could do the splits! He was pretty talented.

If someone is interested in seeing and purchasing your art how can they do that?

As of right now the best way is to send me message on Facebook page.

They can also email me at



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