2017 Indiana Comic Con Featured Artist: Day 1


One of Comic Con’s biggest attractions is a chance to see artist work their craft. There are so many different types of artists at this event.  It’s almost too much to take in.  Some artists have a following already while some are still obviously trying to gain theirs.  I decided to showcase a new artist for each day of the convention.  With so many artists to choose from, how would I decide whom to feature? I decided on featuring a local artist from Indiana since this was, after all, an Indiana Comic Con.

The featured artist today is Louis Every.  An Indiana native, this was his first Comic Con exhibition.  Some of his work is also on display at the Art Bank in Indianapolis.  He is a unique artist in that he does unconventional graphic art and paintings.  The main focus of his booth was his amazing vinyl record sculptures.  This was very different than some of the other offerings at the Con so it was treat to showcase them. He molds old vinyl records into the most amazing statuesque figures.  Lets get to know him a little better.

Mr. Every takes a break from the madness

What comics did you read growing up? Goon, Deadpool and Amazing Spider Man. Also Lobo

What’s your art schedule? I spend about 5-6 hours a day on my artwork. I also work a regular 40 hour a week job. Being an artist is very time consuming. Sometimes it feels like I never sleep.

How did you did get into this type of art? Someone asked me to design a trophy for a hip hop competition and I thought it was interesting. I mean it was recycled vinyl that I now molded into 3-D sculpture and then a full fledged art piece. It kind of grew from there.

Venom vs. Carnage

How do you deal with artistic block? I usually take a break and listen to music until something comes to my mind. I usually rotate back and forth being music and art.

Are there any special tools you use? I use a blowtorch lighter, open range stove, dental pick , scissors, bottle opener, and a Bic lighter amongst my usual pens, pencils, Copic markers, acrylic paint and spray paint. Etc.

Where do you get your ideas? Whatever is usually hot or trending on contemporary culture.


How do you deal with rejection as an artist? It inspires me. Makes me want to work 3x harder so I can come back and show that I’m worth the time

How long have you been doing art? I’ve been doing it almost all my life. about 30 years. I didn’t have a lot of toys but my mom always got me a pen and paper.

What’s the coolest costume you’ve seen at the con? Female Doctor Strange

If someone is interested in seeing and purchasing your art how can they do that? They can contact me through Facebook and Instagram. Also I can be reached at my email : louisevery@yahoo.com

Website is still currently under development


Instagram: @the70u15


Sketchbook art


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