Linkin Park Gives Rock a “Good Goodbye” and Enters the World of Pop


Linkin Park recently decided to “break the habit” and make the jump from Rock to Pop–jump, not transition. A transition would be easy and anticipated, but what Linkin Park sees as something that will only help them flourish as a band has flooded many fans with disappointment and even irritation all over the globe.

This change shocked many of the band’s long time fans who feel that they should maintain the style that has defined them for so many years, though lead singer Chester Bennington begged to differ. He shared that the band has always been into the pop genre and open to the idea of becoming a part of it; now they are looking forward to creating meaningful music, regardless of genres, and that is what should really matter to fans.

In all reality, this is just what Linkin Park does–they push the limits and don’t make music just for the sake of making money and pleasing the crowds.

If you listen to their recently leaked song “Good Goodbye,” from their album “One More Light,” (which is to be released on May 19 of this year) you’ll instantly notice why so many fans are less than satisfied. Additionally, you’ll notice how whereas the band has taken a sharp turn in regards to their style, they have still remained true to the general structure of the majority of their songs–integrating great rapping into songs with preexisting excellence in regards to vocals and lyrics–which should please any true Linkin Park fan.

Ultimately, Linkin Park has stayed true to what makes them the genuine musicians they are: real lyrics.

In the past few years, Bennington has experienced some serious personal and family-related issues that have inspired the lyrics we’ll be priviledged to hear in about a month, and that’s something that every fan should consider who feels the need to bash the newness that Linkin Park has decided to portray in their upcoming album. So yes, Linkin Park is giving their old musical persona a “Good Goodbye” and taking on something that will redefine how we view the band that we’ve long felt could adequately sing what we never felt we could properly say.

You can listen to their leaked song, “Good Goodbye,” from their upcoming album, “One More Light,” and decide for yourself just how you are going to react to the band’s new, slightly modernized sound.


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