Watch: Amine’s ‘REDMERCEDES’


Goofiness abounds in Amine’s new video for his song “REDMERCEDES.”

The video begins with a ridiculous bathroom gag in a car dealership. The gag is not very funny nor is it very gross. Probably the most notable thing about the gag is that the bathroom is gender neutral which let’s you know that Amine is woke.

So but after the bathroom gag Amine in WHITE FACE walks into the car dealership with two friends who are also in WHITE FACE. They’re wearing preppy clothes and talking about the NWACP (We come to learn that it stands for the National White Association for Care and Pleasure). At first I thought there was some point to the elaborate costumes but it’s pretty evident that Amine just thought it would be funny.

It’s not funny. It’s not offensive either. It’s just goofy. On the funny scale it lands somewhere in between “White Chicks” and Dave Chappelle’s “Chuck Taylor.” Obviously it’s much closer to the former than the latter.

Still, though it wasn’t very funny, I was appreciative that it was made. After watching Future’s latest video (which seemed to glorify guns) and Denzel Curry’s latest video (which was a much more socially conscious look at gun violence), I wanted to see some hip-hop that was just having fun. Mission accomplished.


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