Cold War Kids “LA Divine” Review


Before I had even heard a release date, I saw “LA Divine” on the shelf at Target and it felt like finding out about your best friend’s new job from an unwanted LinkedIn email. The sighting was before I could even put the music with the name of the single. I don’t know what rock I was living under. Regardless, I was completely taken aback and a little hurt that the whole music world left me in the lurch.

Whatever, I know about it now.  I subscribed to updates and pulled the knife out of my back.

The album is great. It lives up to previous Cold War Kids mystique; strikingly different but with something familiar. The band has had the same rock meets alt-pop sound since 2007 and it doesn’t seem to get old. “LA Divine” is a little bit less rock-and-roll than their previous releases, but in a contemporary way, not a bad way.

The Album itself has a good flow “Love is Mystical” really kicks it off with a bang and it continues with the rest of the singles- keeping it familiar. It has short songs that act as interludes- separating and grouping together the songs that work best with one another.

Unlike interludes in other albums, these songs can stand on their own as well even though they are only thirty seconds to a minute long. Like other albums, however, they set the stage for the next set of songs, and they do it flawlessly.

“Wilshire Protest” talks about surrendering to the war going on in the speaker’s head and the following songs feel rebellious. I don’t know which is the cause and which is the effect but either way “Luck Down” and “Ordinary Idols” have a certain inspiration about them.

“Camera’s Always on Me” seems like a song they didn’t quite get to flush out but shows without a doubt that the album is winding down. It has the same feel as the piano music at the end of SNL. It flows seamlessly into “Part of the Night” which flows so perfectly into “Free to Breathe” it is almost eerie. There is no question that the album is complete. If you only buy one album on Vinyl, make it this one. It is meant to be listened to like a complete work of art.

Stand out songs are “Ordinary Idols” and “Free to Breathe” listen here.

Buy it here.


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