Woh pal – Mehfooz Khan – Yaman Shastri – Mehfooz Khan | Woh Pal (2016)


Inspiration: This song appeared in the single Woh Pal (Those seconds) made by Nishant Sharma under the music label T-series. This is Mehfooz Khan’s first video as a lyricist and singer. It is based on a real incident. It is like a small film.

Song: The lyrics of this song were penned by Mehfooz Khan and the music was scored by Yaman Shastri.

The man sings, “I can detect a fragrance. Did God lament something? You are my close friend and holder of my heart. I have been separated from you.”

Mehfooz Khan

Video: The video opens with Mehfooz Khan calling someone over his cell phone. The music has already begun. Someone brings a file for his signature. But, he places it aside and leaves. He leaves without his cell. But, in the next shot, he is seen with the same phone! He looks worried. He remembers how he had been with his girlfriend.

He drives a bike and remembers how he had spent time with his girlfriend on the bike. He hires 2 men to kill the girl. When the deed is done, he kills both the men. At the end of the video, he digs a grave for the 2 men.

Artists: The playback singer is Mehfooz Khan and the onscreen performances are by Mehfooz Khan and others.

Cultural Influence: This is a song based on a man with a psychological problem. The makers have admitted that this video is based on a real-life incident. News about such incidents is shown on different TV channels. The song is ok and the video is watchable.


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