Koi pyar humein bhi karta hai – Mohammad Rafi – – Shankar-Jaikishan – Shammi Kapoor | Brahmachari (1968)


Movie: This song was featured in the Sippy Films’ romantic movie Brahmachari (Celibate) released in 1968 directed by Bhappi Sonie and produced by G P Sippy and Ramesh Sippy. The movie starred Rajshree, late Shammi Kapoor, late Pran, Mohan Choti, etc.

Brahmachari (Shammi Kapoor) is an orphan and takes care of many orphan kids in his home, along with a servant (Mohan Choti). Poverty makes it hard for him to make 2 ends meet. One day, he meets a young woman Sheetal (Rajshree) and saves her from committing suicide. Sheetal is in love with a reckless man Ravi Khanna (Pran). Brahmachari reassures her that he would reunite her with Ravi; if she gives him money after the job is done. He decides to work on her appearance and attitude continuously so that Ravi likes her. But, Sheetal takes this opportunity to avenge herself. Soon, she confesses her love for Brahmachari. Despite his initially disagreeing with the idea, she convinces him about it. He sings this song at that time.

Song: The music of this song was composed by Shankar-Jaikishan and the lyrics were penned by Rajinder Kishan.

The man says, “Someone is in love with me. What do you think about me? I have become the God of love.”

Video: Cinematography is by Taru Dutt. Dance choreography is by Herman Benjamin.

The video opens with Shammi Kapoor and Rajshree roaming the streets of the city. Some people are beating up a drunken man. Shammi Kapoor pulls him out of the crowd and begins the song. At the end of the first stanza, he hits the drunken man with his fist and moves away with Rajshree. The lead pair goes to a soft drink shop and distributes the bottles to the people in the crowd.

Shammi Kapoor hugs Rajshree and then they leave. In the next shot, they are on a bus. When the conductor arrives, they do not have the money for the tickets. They are, soon, in a garden and he is holding her on his shoulder. He places her gently on some steps and continues with the song.

When the lead pair appears near a marriage procession and they try to congratulate the married couple, everybody realizes that the young bride’s groom is an old man. The old man chases them off. Rajshree is on a hand cart and Shammi Kapoor pushes it. Then, they make off with a scooter. The real owner of the scooter chases them on foot. The song peters off and the video ends there.

Artists: Mohammad Rafi sang the playback of this song, while Shammi Kapoor and Rajshree, performed onscreen.

Cultural Influence: This is a typically filmi song. Romantic sweet nothings are spoken in it. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable.


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