What: The Indiana Comic Con will be taking place this weekend (April 14-16th) at the Indianapolis Convention Center in downtown Indianapolis.  This event will be hosted by Imaginarium which also runs comic conventions in Tampa and San Francisco.  While this may not be quite as famous at the legendary San Diego Comic Con, this event still provides an opportunity for Midwesterners to experience the same type of nerdy fun.  Guests can expect to see exhibits featuring comic books, magazines, toys, games, Star Wars, Star Trek, anime, manga, cosplay, artwork, sketches and apparel.

Who: As always, part of the fun of the comic cons is the chance to meet your favorite comic industry related celebrity.  Last year, Star War fans got to geek out over a chance to meet everyone’s favorite Emperor, Ian McDiarmid.  This year, Indianapolis will be hosting a respectable lineup of celebrity guests.  Val Kilmer, an actor famous for playing Batman amongst other great roles, will be the main headliner.  In terms of recent relevance, Daredevil himself will show up, as Charlie Cox will be available for autograph and photo ops.  You know the Walking Dead contingent must represent and they will with one of their new stars, King Ezekial actor Khary Payton.   That’s already awesome, but it gets better as the huge star of Netflix series Stranger Things will also be in attendance, Millie Bobby Brown.  We are also treated to Teenage Megasonic Warhead actress from Deadpool, Brianna Hildebrand.  Perhaps everyone’s favorite man in tights, Cary Elwes will also be there.  Of course, the Con will also be featuring a comprehensive lineup of comic artists and writers too.

Why: This is an event that will allow everyone to channel their inner geek and nerd out!  I went last year and I felt like a little kid.  It almost feels like Halloween, as this event provides a convenient excuse for cosplayers to show off their very best costumes.  The Comic Con also provides a chance for aspiring creators to mingle with people already in the industry as well as get professional insight through daily forum discussions and Q&A’s.  If there is some collectible you’re out to get, this event will also provide a fantastic opportunity to get it as well as discover some new items you may not be aware of.   For the lovers out there, Nerdy Speed Dating will be taking place each day.  This is a popular event that you need to sign up for early in the day or you may risk not getting a spot!

Indiana Comic Con

Where: Again, the Indiana Comic Con will be taking place at the Indianapolis Convention Center located on 100 S. Capitol Avenue Indianapolis, Indiana 46225

When: Friday through Sunday (April 14-16th).  Friday and Saturday will be mainly all day affairs with some events starting as early as 9 am and ending as late as 10 pm.  Sunday is the shorter day as most events will be over by 5 pm.  Friday pass is $30. Saturday pass is $40. Sunday pass is $30.  All day pass is $60 and represents the best bargain for everyone wishing to attend each day as you basically get a day for free for the price of two.

How: Tickets can be purchased at the gate but is recommended to pre-purchase at the following link:



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