Mehfooz Khan Back with New Party Track


Singer-actor Mehfooz Khan’s new party track Johnnie Bottle has been viewed over a million times. The song was launched by T-series. Mehfooz Khan’s fans have responded hugely to this new party number.

The song is based on a party theme where we can see a lot of luxury cars, bikes and locations. Its video is directed by R. Swami, who finally made a great video with awesome picturization.

Mehfooz is very happy to lend his voice to this party track Johnnie Bottle and he hopes that the audience likes it. In the video, he is seen singing and dancing on the dance floor.

Mehfooz Khan

“I am feeling proud to be a part of T-series. More than that, I am happy that I got a huge response from my fans. It was really a special experience for me. I want to say thanks to my fans for the 2 million views,” said Mehfooz Khan.

Earlier he lent his voice to a different song Woh Pal. In a Tollywood movie, he worked as a comedian actor with Poonam Pandey.  This party song Johnnie Bottle is the latest addition to the actor’s collection. Now, he is slated to release two more songs in this year.

Initial Stages: His initial days were spent in Lucknow. He added, “I was born in Lucknow and in my childhood days, I was very naughty but an active kid. In my childhood days, I lived my life like a villager that’s why I know agricultural techniques. Everyone is a singer and everyone tries to sing in bathrooms. I also do the same but I explored more in music so after my college, I tried new tunes, lyrics and composition. I loved working in music field and thanks to god that I got the opportunity to sing. My first album was Woh Pal. It’s a romantic song which was dedicated to someone special.”

Parents’ Reaction: We asked him, “What did your parents say when you decided on a career in music, given the fact that it is so unreliable and unpredictable?” He replied, “Yeah, it’s true that this is unpredictable and unreliable and this industry very much depends on talent and luck. My family never supported me for this. They wanted me to be settled in some other more reliable field.”

Mehfooz Khan’s Johnnie Bottle

Leisure Time Activities: Asked about his hobbies, he answered, “I do my real estate business in Noida. Other than that I am a rider. I do concerts in colleges and in public programs.”

Current Projects: We wanted to know about his present projects. He is into acting as well. So he talked about his present acting projects. He said, “I worked as an actor in Tollywood movie Malini and co with Poonam Pandey. My second movie Crime Company is going to release and now I am doing one movie as a villain with Arjun Rampal.”

Future: Future is not predictable. But, he has foreseen, “After ten years, I see myself singing songs for Bollywood movies and working hard to contribute some good music to our industry. I wish and pray to God to fulfill my dreams. I need love and support from my fans to fulfill my dreams.”


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