Raat gayi baat gayi – Asha/Kishore – R D Burman – Helen/Dev/Zeenat | Darling Darling (1977)


Movie: This song appeared in 1977 romantic drama Darling Darling directed by late Gogi Anand and produced by Kishore Doshi. The movie starred late Dev Anand, Zeenat Aman, late Nadira, Helen, Poonam Sinha, late Durga Khote, late Mahmood, late Jeevan, late Dheeraj Kumar, etc.

Kumar (Dev Anand) and Debu (Mahmood) are best friends. Seema (Poonam Sinha) ditches Kumar and he takes to alcohol. But, his grandmother Dadi Maa’s (Durga Khote) illness jolts him off the bad habit. Kumar starts looking for an educated Indian girl. He meets Madhu (Zeenat Aman), who is tortured by her stepmother Mrs. Rai Bahadur (Nadira) and her half-sister Seema. Yes, the same Seema, who ditched Kumar? Madhu takes refuge in a village. But, her step-mother’s goons follow her to the village and kidnap her. Kumar sees them and rescues Madhu.

She tells him that she is Champa, a village girl. Kumar tutors her into the educated Indian girl that his grandmother wants. Kumar tells Champa that he would give her 0.1 million rupees if she acted the way he told her to. They introduce her as Madhu and Debu as her father. Dadi Maa immediately likes Madhu. Soon, Madhu and Kumar visit the club to pass some time together. It is at this time that a dancer (Helen) participates in this song-and-dance sequence and Madhu and Kumar join her in it.

Song: The music of this hit song was composed by R D Burman and the lyrics were penned by Majrooh Sultanpuri.

The woman asks that they met the previous day and were supposed to meet that day as well. She asks if he had forgotten. The man says, “It is one meeting, one night. The night has gone. It does not matter anymore.”

Video: Cinematography is by Fali Mistry.

The video opens with the shot of Helen dropping her cloak and laughs. She approaches Dev Anand to begin the dance. Dev Anand joins the song. Zeenat Aman gets upset. She does not like Helen behaving in a familiar and intimate manner with Dev Anand. Zeenat Aman gets up and leaves. Helen follows Dev Anand everywhere he goes.

Zeenat Aman returns wearing a sensuous dress. She begins her part of the song with claps. Helen and Zeenat Aman compete with each other in the dance. Several dancers – male and female – dance holding walking sticks as props. Zeenat Aman pulls Dev Anand by his neck with a walking stick. The video ends with the song.

Artists: The playback of this song was sung by Asha Bhonsle and Kishore Kumar and onscreen performances are by Dev Anand, Zeenat Aman, Helen and others.

Cultural Influence: The heroine has come to the hero’s home to help him. But, she seems to be falling in love with him. This is a typically filmi situation as well as song. The video is watchable for the artists and the song.


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