(Don’t) Watch: Migos in “Get Right Witcha”


This horrible, ridiculous video has already racked up over half a million views in less than twelve hours. How is this possible?

I flat out don’t understand the fascination with Migos. I listened to the album, I watched (and continue to watch) the videos and I see them on TV shows. This doesn’t make any sense. They don’t even make good club songs. When a Migos song comes on I don’t feel anything except for anger. I made it exactly 1 minute into the song “Get Right Witcha” before I had to pause the video and take a break. Let’s look at that one minute in detail:

0:00 – 0:21

The opening establishes the southwestern motif with shots of chicken, horses and cacti because…Migos are from the southwest? No. The song has something to do with the southwest? No. Is it because the Migos like to film videos in random locations and pass if off as meaning something more than it does? YES.

0:21 – 0:26

Shots of jewelry being worn by Migos. They wear a lot of gaudy rings that should impress you.


We’re almost to the point were Migos begin to “rap” but before that we have a random image of a chicken and then a scantily clad girl on a hill dancing. I’m not sure if we’re supposed to equate the woman dancing to a chicken or a chicken head; either way the image is either offensive or random.


CLEVER LYRICS ALERT: “Hold up, get right witcha (I’ma get right witcha)/Bad b****es, f**k ’em then dismiss em (bad, woo).” That’s how they lead off this horrible song. Presumably girls like the one dancing on the hill are who Quavo is talking about so the chicken head thing seems like a possibility. To be clear:¬†I am not calling that girl a chicken head, but based off of the visuals and lyrics it appears that’s what she represents.


Another shot of the girl crouching in a sexy position in the desert.

0:57 – 0:59

A shot of a McLaren convertible¬†to match this delightful couplet “Ridin’ in the coupe with the wings (brrt)/Goin’ to Chi-land with them chinks (chinks)”; that shot is followed by a photo of Migos in front of cacti. With this series of shots the Migos have upped their mixture of irreverence and offensiveness. It’s irreverent to insert a shot of a McLaren in front of a hotel when the whole video is supposedly somewhere in a desert. It’s absurdly offensive to use the slur “chink.” Just awful.

The rest of the video is more of the same: no story, bad lyrics, bad vocals, pointless shots, etc.

The song appears on the album “Culture” which is also not good. Don’t buy it and for god’s sake don’t listen to Migos.


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