The Boss Baby Review


Is this the Stewie Griffin Family Guy spinoff we’ve been waiting for?

Animated movies have come a long way visually.  Almost all of them are colorful with amazing 3-D rendered animation.  While sometimes I do long for the traditional hand drawn animation of the past, I can’t deny that it’s very interesting watching what dominates the market today.  That’s the thing…every animated movie looks virtually the same for the most part.  What differentiates them from each other is their story.  The producers can just focus on entertaining the children with a very basic cookie cutter plot.  They can also focus on keeping adults interested with some subtle innuendo as well.  If they want to take it to the top, they can make a complexly layered story that not only keeps children satiated but satisfies adults too. 

Can you guess which tier Boss Baby falls into? Well, if it doesn’t seem obvious then after explaining the basic plot maybe you will.  In this universe, instead of typical movie trope of storks bringing babies to families, they are distributed at a warehouse in the heavens to either a family or assigned a mostly permanent position in Baby Corp. management. The company focuses on general infantile issues, but mainly keeping their “brand”, that being babies, at the top of the cuteness radar. This status quo is threatened when a new puppy from “Puppy Corp” is set to hit the market, destroying everything with its overwhelming cuteness.  Boss Baby is assigned to the task of finding out the details by way of being “born” with a family that so happens to work for “Puppy Corp”.  The thing is this family already has a young boy named Tim Templeton, who is not really thrilled with the idea of having a baby brother.  The family is also unaware in general that this baby is a virtual adult trapped in a baby’s body. From here, we get the usual shenanigans where the older brother realizes that the baby can talk and do things while trying to get his parents to realize the same thing.  Due to circumstances, these two brothers realize they must work together to accomplish the goal in order to realize a mutual benefit.  That being Boss Baby getting promoted at Baby Corp. and Tim getting his family back to himself. 

This is a beautifully animated movie for sure. It’s not cutting edge but it’s standardized fare that is pleasing to look at.  The jokes in here are not deeper than the expected baby humor that we get.  Which works for this movie.  It’s undeniably cute. Alec Baldwin does fine voice work at Boss Baby, who really is a fun character to watch.  Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel do a good job as the parents.  The story, if you hadn’t guessed by now, is very basic cookie cutter stuff with its primary focus on keeping the kids entertained.  It’s interesting but not in the way that a movie like Zootopia is interesting. 

Boss Baby follows the general tropes of animated kids’ movies, without aspiring to reach higher in complexity. It seems to be a mesh of other movies like Toy Story and shows like Rugrats.  The kids will be thoroughly entertained by this one. Adults will tolerate it because of the cuteness of it.  If you have young kids, by all means check this one out. If you enjoy shallow childish G rated humor with pleasant visuals, then you’ll enjoy yourself too.

Grade: C+


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