Watch: Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble’


Kendrick Lamar’s new video “Humble” has sparked some conversation for a “woke” message embedded in the song.

Most of the song deals with Kendrick’s rise to stardom or status as a star; before the fame he remembers eating syrup sandwiches (I still like honey on my toast btw) and now, as he says in the video, “This that grey poupon, that Evian, that TED talk aye” while spreading the famous mustard on a roll in the back of chauffeured vehicle. So Kendrick is paid and he’s god-like; that’s why he’s at the head of a table made to resemble Michelangelo’s last supper or why he raps draped in a robe while being bathed in the light pouring through a raised window. If you haven’t guessed by now Kendrick is talking about everyone else when he says “B***ch be humble.”

The part of the video that has gotten the most attention is Kendrick’s message to the young women of the world. Kendrick is tired of Photoshop! He wants the real deal. So please, give him pictures of women’s backsides with stretch marks and not the airbrushed version. Obviously Kendrick could have gone even a step further and not put a picture of a woman’s nearly bare backside in his video, but one “woke” step at a time. There’s also the fact that Kendrick says of women in the song, “Oooh that p****y good won’t you sit it on my taste bloods.” I’m not sure what it means, but I don’t think it’s progressive.

There were similar sentiments around Twitter. People like the song and the beat is cool, but it feels like the pseudo-intellectualism needs some work. Anyway, the new album is out next week. Stay tuned.


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