Watch: G-Eazy x Carnage, Thirty Rack on ‘Guala’


There’s lots of firepower on this here song brought to you by rappers G-Eazy, Thirty Rack and DJ Carnage.

Let’s clarify something up front that took me too long to realize: Thirty Rack is DJ Carnage. I hope I saved you the twenty minutes it took for me to figure that out.

So apparently people have been waiting for years (two to be exact) for the G-Eazy and Carnage collaboration. I was not one of those people, but I’m still here for this song which has a very simple concept and a great beat. If we are to believe the visuals from the video, Guala is a street in California. DON’T BELIEVE THE VISUALS. Guala almost certainly refers to money. It doesn’t always make sense the way they use it in the song (“Guala, guala on my d**k); in those instances they may be referring to something else, but it seems unlikely. So basically it’s a song about money.

I’m usually critical of the get money motif in hip-hop, but I don’t hate it when it’s not connected to drugs. And besides, the video and lyrics are harmless fun. G-Eazy and Thirty Rack take a jaunt through Oakland, but there normal-sized heads are replaced by giant bobble heads. A simple concept that works. The video is shot in black and white which works as well.

In addition to the video, G-Eazy and Carnage announced that they will release their EP “Step Brothers” on Friday March 31. I’ll be checking that out as well.



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