Watch: Danny Brown and Jonah Hill Team Up for ‘Aint It Funny’ Video


Noted weirdo Danny Brown and Hollywood star Jonah Hill released a video today for Brown’s song “Ain’t it Funny” from his album “Atrocity Exhibition.”

You already know that if Danny Brown is going to be involved then it’s not going to be normal. The video is equal parts “Tim and Eric” and “Bojack Horseman.” Danny Brown plays Uncle Danny, the lovable(?) 40-swigging layabout that’s involved with Daughter (played by Lauren Avery). Also appearing in the video are Gus Van Sant as Dad and Joanna Kerns as Mom. Kerns who played Maggie Seaver on “Growing Pains” makes sense as the mother; the video is a send-up of laugh-track sitcoms from the 80s and 90s. For most of the video Danny Brown tries to get the parents to understand that he has a serious illness, but he can’t do so because everyone thinks his ailment is funny.

As the song progresses the imagery grows more violent and strange. Eventually Danny is murdered by the personification of his vices while the studio audience sits and laughs.

Ostensibly we are all the studio audience enjoying Danny’s pain that he expresses through the medium of rap while he’s really crying for help. The video says nothing about how these cries for help relate to album sales.

The video was directed by Jonah Hill. It appears to be his first major directing credit. According to Imdb he has a film in pre-production that he has written and plans to direct.

The song is not an official single. It’s the third video from the album “Atrocity Exhibition.” The first two were “When it Rains” and “Pneumonia.”


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