LemonWire presents: From ‘Pain’ to ‘Change’ – Corey Finesse and NuLa Ent.


Bobby Shmurda shocked the world with his record, “Hot,” and dominated the airwaves during the summer of 2014. His hit single coupled with the “Shmoney Dance” helped propel this gritty New York artist to new found stardom. One of the main beauties of hip-hop is the way it provides an outlet for any form of expression.

Bobby Shmurda, Rowdy Rebel and the GS9 conglomerate had many record labels eager to ink a deal. In July of 2014, the “Shmoney Team” decided to commit their talents to LA Reid and Epic Records in exchange for over one million dollars. Five months later, NYPD rushed Quad Studios to arrest and question several GS9 associates.

Each individual received their respective sentences and the only person that the authorities did not pursue further was Corey Finesse. This East Flatbush artist emanates an authentic New York vibe. The songs on his most recent mixtape, “KaKa Show” demonstrate his extraordinary versatility. The ability to transition between song styles shows a unique ability that this original artist possesses. Whether it’s an aggressive flow on a song like “Bag” or a slower meaningful tone on a song like “Pain,” Finesse has made significant gains during his stint in the hip-hop industry.

Certainly, the loss of his companions has made overcoming circumstances difficult for Finesse. About two years elapsed between the time Bobby Shmurda and co. got locked and when Finesse finally burst upon the scene. But unlike some artists, he took the time to sharpen his skills and perfect his craft.

During this time, he also showed tremendous wisdom to partner with Washington Redskins player, Junior Galette. Galette’s consecutive season-ending injuries yielded time for the consumption of Corey Finesse’s music collection. The two joined forces to form their own music collective now known as, “NuLa Ent.”

NuLa Entertainment consists of Marc Mavrick, HowieDoDat and Corey Finesse. The manner in which this group markets and delivers content showcases their brilliant intelligence. Rather than flooding social networks with content and material, this group strategically picks and chooses timely dates and routes for their information transportation. Finesse has captured the attention of hip-hop fans worldwide–and he’s only released one mixtape.

With a both a strong support system and a sense of direction, Finesse and his music personify versatility in every sense. His musical prowess has also sparked an interest amongst New York’s elite newcomers. Finesse’ song, “Vagabond” received an “Eastmix” from fellow New York artist Dave East.

Of late, Finesse went viral when he took to the mic on Hot 97 with Funkmaster Flex. This artist affects the masses by evoking various emotion with the sonic caliber of his music. Quality, paired with a low quantity of music, has led to high demand for this bright upcoming star.

With little out but his debut mixtape, forthcoming projects “God’s Plan” and “Life After 9” have yet to receive release dates. Meanwhile, Finesse continues to record, mix and master the music. 


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