Rainbow Kitten Surprise- Great Band, Bad Name


I often found myself sitting at work, trapped for hours at a time, making awkward small talk with a girl who made me uncomfortable for many reasons. One, the pink ball of fur she wore as a coat, but the most prominent being, her tendency to come out with unrelated, unanswerable statements.

Example: she told me that the guy infamous for cracking open a watermelon with his head while drunk texted her, randomly, at 2 AM to check out Rainbow Kitten Surprise. Despite the involuntary look of confusion on my face, I gave the band a chance, as she requested. I didn’t have high expectations.

I was surprised. I loved it, and each song that followed impressed me more than the first. Before I knew it, this black combat boots girl loved the band just as much as, if not more than, drunk watermelon guy and pink fur coat girl.

Moral: Rainbow Kitten Surprise has elements that everyone can enjoy. This band is hard to place into one genre. The vocals are soulful and emotional, the melodies are upbeat and fast paced, and the lyrics mean something. It’s rare to find artists who write lyrics that are palpable, well written, and easy to understand. Rainbow Kitten Surprise writes poetry and sets it to music.

“Cocaine Jesus” is one of those songs that the more you listen to it, the more you realize it feels like a good song because it carries emotional weight. The lyrics convey a struggle with addiction. The tone of the music follows the lyrics on a very up-and-down journey, representing the high and the crash of repeated drug use and the way can affect relationships. It’s a dark and painful look at being forgotten in the wake of a life ruining disease.

Just listening to the song, you might never know. The music is not dark or heavy until you consider the lyrics and understand the thought that went into the song. Rainbow Kitten Surprise’s music is so versatile and appealing to different types of people that you can get as little or as much as you want out of it.

Rainbow Kitten Surprise seems like a terrible name for a band, and it is, in terms of attracting anyone but second grade girls who love Lisa Frank; yet, it accurately describes their music. Upon first listen, it’s very indie-pop, upbeat, and fun, but the lyrics carry a surprising amount of substance.

Still, it may be best to abbreviate to RKS, to avoid strange looks when asked your favorite band.

Check out their latest self-titled album here.


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