Jab bagon mein jugnu chamke – Lata Mangeshkar – S D Burman – Jayashree T | Jugnu (1973)


Movie: This song appeared in 1973 social Pramod Films’ drama Jugnu (Firefly) produced and directed by Pramod Chakravorty. The movie starred Dharmendra, Hema Malini, Prem Chopra, late Mahmood, late Nazir Hussain, late Pran, etc.

Ashok (Dharmendra) is Jugnu, a Robinhood kind of a character. There is no secure setting where he can’t steal. And the looted goodies are used in an ashram. Once when he is stealing some diamonds and money from a smuggler (Ajit), he sees Seema (Hema Malini) on the shooting ground and falls in love with her. Soon, Seema finds out about Ashok’s philanthropy and falls in love with him.

Ashok is invited as the chief guest in the function arranged by the Defense Forces, where Seema is to perform a dance. Unknown to them, Ramesh’s boss (Ajit) has planned to kill Ashok since they have become suspicious that he is involved with Jugnu. He sends Mike (Manmohan) for the job. At the event, Ashok meets his father Shyam (Pran), without knowing his relationship with the older man. Ashok also says that he had come for the event only because Seema was performing for it. Seema sings and dances to the tune of the song Meri yeh payaliya… at this event.

When the song is over, Mike switches of the lights and shoots Ashok. Shyam comes in the way and gets hurt. In the confusion, Mike kidnaps Seema. Ashok follows in the guise of Jugnu and rescues her. Ashok, still in the guise of Jugnu, says that he is in love with her. Seema rejects him and begins to cry. He lets her go. When she returns home, she finds Ashok waiting for her and confesses her love for him.

Soon, Seema takes Ashok to meet her mother (Lalita Pawar). When they reach her home, he realizes that she is the daughter of the man he had killed during childhood. That man had killed his mother. When he returns home, Shyam is demolishing the statue of Ashok’s mother. This is because Shyam knows his son’s past and that the police is on the lookout for him. Ashok beats up his father, without knowing their relationship. Shyam is saved only when the commissioner turns up there.

The turn of events depress Ashok and he decides to leave the place after a final heist. He plans to steal a fish made up of gold. While he is planning the heist with his friend Mahesh (Mahmood), Ramesh hears the conversation and relays it to his boss. The boss’ secretary conveys it to the police commissioner through an anonymous call. The commissioner makes sure that all the security arrangements are tight. It is at this time that Mahesh’s girlfriend Sheela (Jayashree T) sings this song. Mahesh and Sheela have disguised as a Rajasthani couple and have a drum in which Ashok is hidden.

Song: The music of this song was composed by S. D. Burman and the lyrics were penned by Anand Bakshi. The instrumental music of this song appears during the titles in the beginning of the movie with those of other songs.

The girl says that she has to meet her beloved when the firefly shines in the garden during midnight. This title song is present only as a distraction.

Video: Cinematography is by V K Murthy. Dance choreography is by Suresh Bhatt.

The video opens with Jayashree T dancing on a drum. Dharmendra is inside it. Mahmood is sitting on a camel. People including the police come to see her performance. She jumps down and sends the drum off in its course. She begins the song and continues dancing. On the background, Mahmood makes the camel sit down so that he can climb down from it.

Dharmendra continues to roll the drum. I don’t know how he must be doing it sitting inside it. Jayashree T walks the tightrope. A police officer and a security guard stop the drum. Dharmendra becomes alert while inside. The security guard sits on the reclining drum. The policeman leans on it.

Jayashree T dances on the tightrope (I don’t know how she manages that feat) and later jumps down. She approaches the drum and rescues it from the officers. While she is pushing the drum behind her, it is stopped by another police officer. An elephant takes the drum to the secure building and Dharmendra comes out of it to climb the walls discreetly.

Jayashree T joins Mahmood and he also dances with her in his unique and funny style. By now, Dharmendra has reached the top of the building. A security guard locks him unknowingly inside his cabin. Meanwhile, a police officer orders to stop the dance and the video ends there.

Artists: The playback of this song was sung by Lata Mangeshkar while the onscreen performances are by Jayashree T, Mahmood and Dharmendra.

Cultural Influence: This song is one of those types, which is sung for lovers. The song is typically filmi. It is good and the artists are also good. The video is watchable.

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