Why in God’s name are we letting Drake do this?


I’m from the Kevin Durant school of Drake fandom in that I don’t care about Drake. The key difference between myself and KD is that he was joking. Let me be clearer: I’ve never downloaded, streamed or purchased a Drake song. Maybe, MAYBE, I’ve had them streamed for me, but that wasn’t by my request. I don’t harbor any ill will for the man, he’s just not my favorite rapper to put it mildly.

But so I live in a Drake-free universe except that I follow hip-hop religiously so of course there are times during which Drake’s name is unavoidable. Sometimes I take a peek, but I’m there for the story not for the music. Still, if Drake released an album I would probably look at it now because that’s part of my job. When I saw Drake’s name trending on Twitter I assumed that he was dating a new woman or that he was trolling people on Jimmy Kimmel again, but no. Drake released a playlist.

A playlist? I instantly ignored it. Why do I care what Drake listens to? The only playlist I’ve been paying attention to is Stereo Williams’s playlist of Rock-n-Roll inventor/pioneer/God Chuck Berry (Rest in peace to one of the greats.). I wasn’t going to turn that off to listen to Drake’s favorite songs that I don’t care about.

BUT WAIT, Drake didn’t release a list of songs by other artists. Apparently Drake has decided that he gets to call his album a playlist. It’s not an EP or an LP or a mixtape or an album; Drake the Innovator is making playlists and you are letting him do it!

I can’t believe I had to waste time looking up Drake’s name and his new album (I’m not calling it a playlist) and then figuring out what it was. I’ll save you the trouble. It’s a bunch of songs by Drake. He still has money and women. You can move on now.

If you still want to listen to it go here, but more importantly, don’t refer to that thing as a playlist. It’s bad enough we have to listen to him at all, the least we can do is use the proper nomenclature.


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