Watch: Calvin Harris shows you how he made ‘Slide’


Calvin Harris, Frank Ocean and Migos have a hit single out right now called “Slide.” Today Calvin Harris released a video showing the creative process behind the track.

For those of us who aren’t musically gifted it’s cool to see how many working parts there are to create a song. Everyone knows that there are bits and bobs, but to actually see it as it’s happening is pretty cool. Song Exploder, a podcast, also offers some pretty in-depth conversations about how musicians go about making their music.

“Slide” has already achieved it’s peak position on the Billboard 100. This week it fell to #54. Still, I thought the look into Calvin Harris’s process was worth it and there was an interesting article about Migos on The Root that got me to thinking…

The writer Michael Arceneaux makes the point that Migos can still be homophobic and record songs with Frank Ocean. It was necessary for him to point this out after Quavo of the Migos seemed to think that recording a track with Frank Ocean absolved him of being homophobic. Arceneaux does a much better job of parsing this situation than I can even pretend to do, so you should click on the link above and read it.

And if you haven’t heard “Slide” it’s right here for you.



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