Yeh hai Geeta ka gyan – Lata/Mukesh – Shankar-Jaikishan – Hema/Manoj | Sanyasi (1975)


A fantastic song rendered beautifully by legendary singers!

Movie: This song appeared in 1975 social drama Sanyasi (Sadhu, Ascetic) directed and produced by Sohanlal Kanwar under the banner of Filmnagar. The movie starred Manoj Kumar, Hema Malini, Sulochana, Prem Chopra, late Raj Mehra, late Prem Nath, Brahm Bharadwaj, etc.

Renukadevi (Sulochana) is the widowed mother of Ram (Manoj Kumar). Since her husband had been prone to all possible vices and indulged in them, Renuka Devi’s father-in-law Rai (Brahm Bharadwaj) does not want Ram to become wayward like his father and teaches him all the positive values of the Hindu religion, particularly the entire contents of the Bhagavad Geeta. As a result, Ram grows up staying away from all vices, becoming an expert in yoga, wanting to remain celibate and refusing to get married to anyone. Rai dies willing his property and money to charity if Ram did not marry within a year. Renukadevi arranges a meeting between Ram and a beautiful girl Aarti (Nazima). But, Aarti is kidnapped by a group of goons.

Renuka Devi’s brother Gopinath (Raj Mehra) and his son Rakesh (Prem Chopra) replace her with Champa (Hema Malini). Actually, the person calling himself as Renuka Devi’s brother is a criminal Girdhari and his son Banwari and her real brother died in a railway accident. Renukadevi intends to take her brother’s help in getting Ram married to Aarti. But, Rakesh or Banwari falls in love with her and his father warns him about it.

Ram has to visit the fields his family is holding to sort some issue. He gives away the entire 400 acres of the fields back to the farmers from whom his ancestors had snatched. Mangal Singh disguises as an ascetic Ishwar Baba to make Ram’s family adopt Rakesh as their second son. He has taken hold of their property and begins to torture Ram’s mother. Shanti Baba visits them at the right time to warn them of the consequences of the transfer of property. But, Renuka Devi does not listen to him. Ram leaves for the ashram and Rakesh begins his work as a villain torturing Renuka Devi.

Soon, Ram realizes that Rakesh and Gopinath are not what they seem to be. They attack him and he escapes by his sheer wit and physical strength. Aarti’s mother (Kamini Kaushal) has also been kidnapped by Rakesh and Gopinath. Thus, Ram and Aarti get together to avenge themselves. They leave discreet messages at strategic places regarding the arrival of some monks, who perform miracles. It is at this time that both sing this song disguised as ascetics.

Song: The music of this song was composed by Shankar-Jaikishan and the lyrics were penned by Verma Malik.

This song teaches the real meaning of the verses in Bhagavad Geeta

Video: Cinematography is by Radhu Karmarkar.

The video opens with the shot of the idol of Lord Krishna. Hema Malini is standing in front of it with folded hands and she begins the song. She offers some flowers to the Lord. Manoj Kumar is sitting on a small platform and some men and women sit down to occupy the space in front of him. It is difficult to identify him.

An ascetic approaches Manoj Kumar to say something in his ear. Prem Chopra and Raj Mehra enter the place. Hema Malini is happy that they have come. Manoj Kumar does not react much. Or perhaps his disguise does not show his reaction. He throws flower petals on the people in front of him.

Aruna Irani also comes that way. Manoj Kumar looks at her from above his glasses, as usual, expressionlessly. He tells Hema Malini to bring Aruna Irani close to him. Hema Malini escorts the other female actor. He says that she was born in a rich home but got into bad company. Aruna Irani cries and leaves the place.

Manoj Kumar beckons Prem Chopra and Raj Mehra. All this while, Hema Malini had not covered her face. Now, she covers her face to escort the 2 male actors toward Manoj Kumar. And they also do not recognize her. How convenient! When the 2 actors fall at Manoj Kumar’s feet, he turns away.

Manoj Kumar tells their story and they leave the place in remorse. Prem Nath also comes in the guise of an ascetic. Everybody stands up in reverence. Manoj Kumar squeezes the juice out of an orange as he sees the main villain. He tells the story of the man and Prem Nath leaves in anger. Before leaving, the actor spits at Manoj Kumar and the others. The video ends with the end of the song.

Artists: The playback of this song was sung by Lata Mangeshkar and Mukesh and the onscreen performances are by Hema Malini, Manoj Kumar, Prem Chopra, Raj Mehra, Prem Nath and others.

Cultural Influence: This is a typical filmi devotional song. The song is good and so are the artists. The video is watchable for the same.


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