Nisha aaha ha hahaha – R D Burman/Asha – R D Burman – Reena Roy | Sanam Teri Kasam (1982)


I love the vocal gymnastics indulged in by Ashaji in this song.

Movie: This song appeared in 1982 romantic flick Sanam Teri Kasam (Darling, Your Promise), produced by Barkhaa Roy and directed by Narender Bedi for the banner Barkhaa Movies. This movie starred Kamal Hasan, Reena Roy, Kader Khan, Seema Deo, late Jeevan, Ranjeet, etc.

Ramlal Sharma (Kader Khan) is a police informer and receives money for his services to the police. He uses that money to buy a guitar for his son Sunny. When he returns home completely drunk, he is scolded by his wife Sudha (Seema Deo). He ignores her and goes to sleep on the sofa itself.

When Wilson (Jeevan) finds out that Ramlal is the police informer, he makes sure that Ramlal has to run for his life for killing someone. Years later Sunny is Sunil (Kamal Hasan) and he is a famous dancer-performer. Many girls have a crush on him. After a couple of mishaps between them, Sunil disrupts Nisha’s (Reena Roy) dance performance.

Sunil gets an interview call from Shimla. When he is going to the hill-station, he finds Nisha and her friends traveling in a bus on the way. She books the entire bus for themselves and does not allow him to join them. It is at this time that he sings a song and teases her. When he reaches the place where he is supposed to give an interview, the place turns out to be Nisha’s home. Sunil begs Nisha not to tell her father Manoharlal (he is the same Ramlal, who is on the run from the police) about what he did to her. Manoharlal takes on Sunil temporarily. He is promised a permanent job if they like his work as a singer-dancer for their hotel.

Soon, it is his first show at the hotel and Nisha avenges herself by disrupting it. She sings this song at that time.

Song: The song was penned by lyricist Gulshan Bawra and the music was composed by R D Burman.

This song glorifies the girl, Nisha. At the same time, it is a romantic song as well.

Video: Director of Photography is Kaka Thakur. Dance choreography is by P L Raj-Suresh Bhatt.

The video opens with music being played by some musicians and the audience cheering the performers. Kamal Hasan begins to dance and sing. Reena Roy appears from nowhere in a motorbike with the clear objective of disrupting his performance. Her friends follow her. Kamal Hasan realizes that Reena Roy is avenging herself on him.

Reena Roy begins to sing and dance. She approaches Kamal Hasan while dancing and hits his head with hers. He moves away with remorse written all over his face at what he did before. Reena Roy makes Kamal Hasan dance with her. She imagines that she is alone on the dance floor with Kamal Hasan and both are dancing together.

Soon, Reena Roy is shaken back to the reality. She and Kamal Hasan begin to walk hand-in-hand in rhythm on the moving disc on the dance floor. The video ends as he picks her up in his arms and throws her in the air to catch her back.

Artists: The playback singer is R D Burman and Asha Bhonsle and Reena Roy lip-syncs to the song. Kamal Hasan, Guddi Maruti and others look on.

Cultural Influence: For a change, in this typically filmi song, the heroine is on a teasing spree. The song is good and so are the artists. The video is watchable for the same.


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