Milky Chance, everyone’s favorite alternative German folk duo, is releasing its new album “Blossom” on March 17, 2017.  The band is unlike any other, somewhere in the middle of an electronic, pop, reggae triangle. It’s been almost four years since they gave us their first album, “Sadnesssecary,” and their sound is something you can’t get anywhere else, making “Blossom” a long-awaited release.

Their 2013 album is a lot to live up to, with not a single song that could be considered sub-par and with stand-out-song, “Stolen Dance,” making an impression on listeners of all genres. But, with the singles released in the past months, it is clear “Blossom” will have no problem accomplishing this feat.

“Cocoon,” “Doing Good,” and “Ego” live up to expectations, boasting chill acoustic vibes simultaneously with impressive electric riffs. Their poetic lyricism is just as impressive as ever in “Ego.” “Cocoon” is accompanied by a strange but innovative interpretation via the music video. And for those of us who live in the tundra, “Doing Good” acts as a perfect transition between your somber winter playlist and the much-anticipated upbeat summer favorites.

Milky Chance is looking like it won’t disappoint, but possibly even surpass its first album with the appropriately timed, release of “Blossom” this spring. The pastel colored album cover alone could inspire a little excitement for the re-emergence of the blossoming plant life and the resurfacing of the band itself after their four-year hiatus.

Check out what has been released of the album so far on Spotify.


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