Colony House is what Arctic Monkey’s would sound like if they weren’t so angry all the time. They have the same sprawling guitar riffs and borderline excessive percussion that you’re almost sure you love. Their Album “Only the Lonely” came out in January and is everything we hoped it would be. Lucky for us, they took it on the road.

I saw the concert at Jupiter Hall in Albany’s Lucky Strike Social Club. The venue was fantastic for many reasons. Mostly because the Lucky Strike Social Club is a bar, club, restaurant, bowling alley, arcade, and concert venue that was definitely created by a brilliant business person with ADHD. There are never-ending things to do and if by some stroke of bad luck the concert were terrible, this venue would save your night.

Luckily, this concert was far from a bust. Seeing Colony House live gives you a new appreciation for their artistry and the uniqueness of their music. The band is fronted by two brothers, vocalist and drummer, and their capability and connection show they’ve been making music together for a long time. Their fluidity is complimented by an equally talented bassist and guitarist. No part of the music is left to the background and all the instruments are on the same plane. While other artists add more instruments to their songs, Colony House keeps it simple, using traditional instruments to their fullest capabilities to create an equally unique and satisfying sound.

The band sounded excellent live, as expected, but they also had a winning stage presence. Though the concert was at a particularly small venue, they managed to make just as much of an impression as they would have if they’d sold out Madison Square Garden.

The lighting director deserves a Tony award for his or her work, because the design took the audience on a journey. The members of the band were silhouetted in the most aesthetically appealing ways, perfectly arranged with each other as well as with the images they had on the screen. Some notable images: the final scene from the movie “Hook”, a 3 minute and 20 second countdown for their song “3:20,” and an awesome picture of a hawk. The silhouetting also seemed to be a nod to anyone who apricates the art of subtle symbolism, as one of their first hits was “Silhouettes.”

Colony House is easy to take seriously. They are out there to have fun and they’re also dedicated to their craft. Their music is well executed and well thought out, but also comes from the heart. They put on a great show.

Colony House’s “Only the Lonely” tour has only just begun. Check out the dates here.  Many of the venues are free. Take advantage of this now–I predict it won’t be happening for long.

Check out the album on Spotify.


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