“Bolo Har Har Har” from Bollywood film, “Shivaay” is an amazing listening experience


Title track, “Bolo Har Har Har” from Bollywood film “Shivaay,” stars Ajay Devgan and Erika Kaar. It was penned by Sandeep Shrivastava, composed by Mithoon, and sung by artists Megha Sriram, Mohit Chauhan, and Baadshah.

The track merges shlokas, rap, hip-hop, dubstep, folk and religious chanting. This heavy-duty song opens with the soulful voice of Mohit Chauhan, followed by a bunch of amazing singers.

For the first time in Bollywood, we see Baadshah rapping Lord Shiva’s shlokas. “Bolo Har Har Har” is about Lord Shiva and talks about the war between good and evil. A catchy song, peppered with chants of Lord Shiva, “Bolo Har Har Har” totally keeps with the central theme of “Shivaay”.

Though the use of guitar riffs makes the track hallucinatory and encouraging–an amazing listening experience for the younger audience–the overuse of bass and the unnecessary merging of so many genres could be minimized.


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