(Don’t) Watch: Snoop Dogg’s ‘BADBADNOTGOOD’


It’s getting harder and harder to differentiate the legitimate critiques of the POTUS from critiques that revel in the opportunity to have something to talk about. Thankfully in Snoop Dogg’s latest video for “BADBADNOTGOOD”, the differentiation is quite clear.

(Alex Jones Voice) We’re living in a clown world folks! At least that’s what Snoop (or his directors) is trying to tell us. In the universe of “BADBADNOTGOOD” everyone is a clown: the police officer, the man who gets shot on his way to work (played by Michael Rappaport) and the kid who films the video of the man getting shot. The POTUS is also a clown; the “symbolism” of that artistic choice is lost on exactly no one, but the others aren’t quite as clear. If we’re all clowns what does that mean exactly?

It’s been said that comedy is drama to the people inside of the comedy. Outside of America, for the unaffected, the country and its political troubles may appear to be a laughing matter. This would, however, presuppose that American politics don’t have an effect on the international community. Yet, we know that because America is a global power, the whole world is sucked into the drama, not comedy, of American politics. That is to say, the whole world is a stage, America is a long-running Broadway show, and we’re all reluctant players. Which leaves one question: who would be the implied audience that is watching America and perceiving them as clowns? The answer is simple: aliens.

Or maybe Snoop and directors Jesse Wellens and James DeFina wanted to make a pseudo-commentary about contemporary American society. Perhaps the attempt is admirable, but it misses the mark and becomes just another piece of critical flotsam jamming the internet airwaves. And meanwhile the Aliens laugh on. For shame.


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