Sub Pop plans to release The Bobs Burgers Music Album on May 12, a collection of 112 original songs that appear in the FOX animated sitcom.

It is set to include appearances from regular cast members including Kristen Schaal, H. Jon Benjamin and Sarah Silverman with songs from the first 107 episodes. The album will also include 5 covers from indie artists like St. Vincent, The National and Stephin Merritt from Magnetic Fields.

The album will be released as a double CD and a triple vinyl (with a 7” that includes the covers). Do the math and the songs are short but sweet, most around a minute or so long.

To celebrate, we present a list of the top 5 most memorable tunes from Bob’s Burgers; whether they’re a number blasted out on Gene’s Casio or an improvised ditty from Linda, these should help tide you over until the album’s release.

  1. Linda sings to her porcelain babies from 2.4 “Burgerboss”

Revealing for the first time Linda’s bizarre collection of porcelain dolls (and Bob’s bemusement at them), her improvised song is short but warrants maybe the biggest laugh of the whole episode

  1. “Coal Mine” from 3.21 “Boyz 4 Now”

When Tina and Louise fall head over heels for the boy band that puts One Direction to shame, they serenade the Belcher kids with songs whose lyrics do the same, particularly with this heartbreaker.

  1. Jimmy Jr.’s “Musoeums” from 7.8 “Ex MachTina” (too recent for a YouTube clip)

Tina’s forever-crush Jimmy Jr. connects with Robo-Tina in this recent episode, with short heartfelt declarations on random topics like pants, if God’s name was Todd, and our favorite, “Breakfast!”

  1. “Pass the Cranberry Sauce” from 3.5 “An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal”–0hHWU

Now a genuine Thanksgiving standard, Linda’s perpetual cheeriness is on full display much to the irk of Bob, though it does let us know they share a favorite holiday which is actually very sweet.

  1. “Farts Will Set You Free” from 4.12 “The Frond Files”

All of Gene’s musical endeavors have led to this: a flashy and funky epic musical about the beauty of farting. Even though it’s Gene’s fantasy it encapsulates everything that we love about Wagstaff school and the Belcher kids.

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