Watch: Kyle & Lil Yachty’s ‘iSpy’ video


Kyle and Lil Yachty released a video for their single “iSpy.”

This song has been trending on the hip-hop charts for a couple of months now, but I found myself unable to write about it. The reason was because Kyle and Lil Yachty both transcend genre. I mean that neither as a compliment or an insult, but as a statement of fact. It is sometimes hard for me to listen to their songs when I think about them as hip-hop. In Kyle’s case, his music is a blend of rap and alternative R&B. For Lil Boat, he’s considered a rap and/or trap artist. I think the trap label is purely a function of him being from Atlanta. If anything, rappers like Lil Yachty need a new genre to describe what they’re doing. Tyler the Creator once said that he tried to get his album listed under the genre of “F***ing Awesome” on iTunes. I don’t know if that would work for Yachty, but maybe goof rap? Or grap?

It’s undeniable that Lil Yachty’s persona is goofy. From his dunk attempts to his statements about the history of hip-hop, Yachty has demonstrated how un-serious he can be. “iSpy” is no different. The video is a cartoon of Kyle and Yachty at the beach. The animation style looks like a low-budget Adult Swim show. It’s funny and weird and it matches the tone of the song which is full of irreverent lyrics. The song is pretty inconsistent, but the hook is about spying a girl who could be one’s wife…until one realizes marriage is supposed to mean forever. Then it’s time to go.

“iSpy” will not appear on any upcoming albums. The single is Kyle’s first Top 40 hit. It can be purchased on iTunes.


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