Carrie Underwood’s Home Damaged by Nashville Tornado


Oklahoma native, Carrie Underwood is no stranger to the dangers of tornadoes, but after moving to Nashville, it’s surprising to see the country music star still affected by them. Underwood shared on Twitter that her home was damaged by a Nashville tornado earlier this month.

The day before the tornado, Nashville and the surrounding areas had been in a storm warning nearly the entire day. However, it wasn’t until night rolled around that the storm decided to strike Underwood’s home. Many believe the tornado was an EF-1, which is a rather small tornado when you are comparing them to other monsters, like this one.

The storm wound up causing a lot of damage to the Nashville area and throughout Tennessee. Wind speeds reached 70 MPH, and tree limbs were down everywhere. In fact, much of the state was without power the day after the storms.

“Woke up to tornado sirens and hail…our chimney is currently in our driveway…tree limbs everywhere…feels like home. #okie” Underwood wrote on Twitter. Luckily, everyone was OK, but the close call was naturally very scary. After her post, fans poured out well wishes for her and her family’s safety while they cleaned up the mess.

Just two days before the storm, the family celebrated their son Isaiah’s second birthday and Underwood tweeted about the milestone. Who would have guessed that such a short time later, she would be sharing news of such a terrifying event.

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